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People have come to refer to this plant as Bellflower because its flower looks like a hanging bell in churches or temples.
In Japan, it is called the Firefly Sack because it is said that Japanese people in olden times enjoyed the light of a firefly by placing it inside flowers.
The acrylic boards represent the flower and the dots carved on them represent the fireflies. People experiencing this lighting will be impressed by the sense of sophistication: all of the petals of the flower emit light, the fireflies are illuminated, and the edge of a flower responds to the breeze. This lighting is the ideal means of adding emphasis to subdued surroundings.

-Size: φ510xH570mm
-Materials: acrylic board T5mm / aluminum with mirrored finish, electropolishing and alumite finish / steel with chromium plating / steel with silver metallic coating
-Light source: LED; warm white (incandescent color), cool white (neutral color)
-AC: 100V-240V
-Weight: Approximately 6kg

These specs are subject to change without notice.
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サイズ:φ510mm×H 570mm(Ceiling Lamp)
素 材:羽・アクリル(厚 5mm)
    /フランジ= 鋼板・シルバーメタリック塗装仕上
光 源:LED
電 源:100V〜240V
重 量:約6kg

airLUCE_カタログ 日本語版 PDF